Lack of e­ffective medication management solutions produce security workarounds, noncompliance and errors. CAREDirect addresses these problems by providing intuitive, efficient systems for secure medication management. We make medication dispensing more efficient, safe and compliant. 

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Spend more time with patients

Medserve® can be located wherever meds are needed (including hallways) and has tools to simplify restocking.

  • Improve medication workflow and accuracy

  • Reduce time spent retrieving medications

  • Ensure meds are not misplaced, forgotten or diverted

  • Increase time for patient interaction and improve HCAHPS scores

Experience the benefits of a lean workflow.

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Focus on patient care, not regulations

Medserve® helps healthcare staff maintain compliance without requiring expensive building modifications or awkward work processes. Medserve® complies with standards and guidances from the following agencies:

  • DEA

  • ADA

  • CDC

  • NFPA

  • Joint Commission

Medserve helps solve numerous compliance challenges, including:

  • Compliant use of multi-dose vials

  • Double locking of controlled substances

  • Separation of class II from class III, IV and V controlled substances

  • Space constraints and hallway storage of medications

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Secure meds, prevent errors

  • Ensure medications remain locked
  • Prevent security workarounds
  • Organize medications to prevent errors
  • Place outside patient care areas to prevent infection transfer
  • Discourage abuse and diversion
  • Control patient-owned medications
  • Make emergency medication and supplies readily available

Thoughtful features, like an after-hours lockout, will help you sleep well at night.



A middle ground between ADCs and key-locked cabinets.

There's finally a system that fills the void between automatic dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and key-locked cabinets. Other systems do not meet the needs of healthcare facilities or are too expensive to support a truly decentralized workflow.

Existing options leave a gap in medication management needs

Locking Cabinets:

  • No tracking
  • No separation of meds
  • Inefficient workflow


  • Expensive

  • Large

  • Complex implementation

Medserve provides electronic security without complexity

  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Quick access to meds with automatic locking
  • All settings can be managed from the touchscren
  • Can also be managed from a PC if desired


Solutions to fit your workflow

We know that every facility has its own needs. The medserve® family of products is flexible and can support various workflows and use cases.

  • Login with PIN code or ID badge
  • Organize bins by patient, user or medication
  • Create temporary users that automatically expire
  • Manage access control with multiple user levels
  • Add a double lock to any bin
  • Manage settings on the cabinet or from a PC
  • Use individual settings for a cabinet or synchronize multiple cabinets
  • Expands storage capacity with the Sidekick cabinet
  • Streamline workflow with removable cassettes and transfer carts