Digital Medication Dispensing at a Fraction of the Cost

Our solutions finally fill the market void between key-locked cabinets and complex systems like Pyxis, Omnicell and Cubex that cost $40,000 and up. Our cabinets feature:

  • Touchscreen interface that tracks all user activity to prevent drug diversion

  • Individually locking bins to electronically separate and track medications

  • Daily reconciliation feature to eliminate paperwork

  • WiFi connection for remote management and reporting

Our solution has many benefits over key-locked cabinets:

  • Individual PIN codes or ID badges replace keys

  • Separately locked meds improve compliance and safety

  • Intuitive software supports facilities workflow

Other systems like Pyxis, Omnicell and Cubex are problematic for ASCs and clinics:

  • Very expensive with long-term contracts

  • Cumbersome implementation and workflow

  • Large footprint, no wall-mounted option