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Secure, organize and track medications

  • Prevent drug diversion
  • Track access by user and medication
  • Solve compliance challenges
  • Make meds readily available
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Expands storage capacity of medserve®

  • Electronic lock controlled by medserve 
  • Integrated tracking of user access
  • Allows bulk storage of medication
  • Double locking 

Double Locking Bins

Extra security for controlled substances and critical items

  • Secured by electronic locks and keyed lock in medserve
  • Can be placed in any medserve bin location
  • Can use as many as needed (0-6 per Medserve)
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RFID Reader

Improve access speed and security

  • Optional add-on to medserve®
  • Staff can use their existing ID badges to login
  • Track usage back to user ID

Medserve Cassettes

Simplify restocking of medserve®

  • Removes from medserve® to transport all bins together.
  • Improves pharmacy efficiency and workflow
  • Hand carry or transport in transfer cart
  • Extra cassettes can be secured in the accessory cabinet

Transfer Cart

Close the loop, optimize efficiency

  • Transport up to 8 cassettes at once
  • Locking mechanism to secure all cassettes
  • Ergonomic work surface
  • Ergonomic removal and insertion of cassettes
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Central Management Software

Manage everything from one location

  • Manage multiple medserve® cabinets from a PC
  • Download and aggregate user logs
  • Sync settings and access rights across Medserves
  • Free download, not required to use Medserve