Daily Medication Counts

Simplify reconciliation

  • Maintain electronic reports

  • Monitor daily usage

  • Receive discrepancy warnings

Coming soon

This is a preview of our upcoming Medserve update, which will allow facilities to perform electronic daily counts of medications directly on Medserve’s touchscreen interface. Current customers will be upgraded for free.


Medications Menu

From this menu, you will be able to configure your bins, list of medications and preferences for reconciliation (for instance, requiring a witness).

The Reconcile Now button will start the medication count procedure.



If a witness is required, a second user must login.


Time Selection

User then selects whether the current counts is for “Start of Shift” or “End of Shift”


Count Process

Your list of medications is shown with the last count. Enter the current count for each med and usage will be reported.


Reconciliation Report

After each shift count is complete a report is automatically emailed to select users. The report details:

  • Who performed and witnessed the med counts

  • The counts at the start and end of shift

  • Total usage of each med during the shift

  • Medication access by user

Daily counts and user activity logs will also be sent in excel format