Central Management Software

Manage multiple medserve® cabinets from a PC

The Central Management Software is provided to easily setup and maintain medserve® or to synchronize settings and users between multiple cabinets.

  • Download and aggregate user logs
  • Add and mange users
  • Synchronize settings across multiple devices
  • Export user logs to Excel or other software

Included with purchase of medserve®


Manage settings directly on medserve®

Each medserve® can be managed directly from the touchscreen. The Central Management Software is not required to setup or use medserve®.

All features can be configured through the touchscreen:

  • Change all settings
  • Add and manage users
  • View Logs

Other Software Features


User Types 

The following user types are provided to manage access control to medserve® and medserve® sidekick

Full access to all settings

Manage nurses and assistants

Access to medications, cannot modify settings

Access to supplies only

Stock the cabinet

Modify network and IT Settings. No access to the cabinet.


Temporary Users

An expiration date and time can be set for any user.  After this time, the user will lose access to the cabinet. Use this feature for travel nurses, float pool, or other temporary staff.  Easily reactivate a user and set a new expiration date if they return.


After-Hours Lockout

Set your business's schedule to automatically prevent access to the cabinet after normal business hours.